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Members of the Association may be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreigners and stateless persons. Joining the Association is voluntary
Members of the Alliance may be lawyers and economists specializing in the field of antimonopoly regulation and competition issues, admitted to the Alliance in accordance with the procedure established by the Charter and having paid an entrance fee and annual fees
A CV confirming the candidate's specialization and experience in the antitrust field as a lawyer or economist
Written recommendations of at least two current members of the Alliance
Statements addressed to the Chairman of the Council of the Alliance
Admission to the membership of the Association is carried out by decision of the Council of the Association on the basis of the following information:
The Council of the Alliance must, within 10 working days, inform the candidate of its decision on admission or refusal to accept
The applicant is obliged, within ten working days from the date of the Council's decision to accept him as a member of the Alliance, to fully pay the entrance and annual fees
The Candidate is considered accepted as a member of the Association after the decision of the Council of the Association and the Candidate's entry and annual fees, in confirmation of which he is issued a personal certificate
Join the Alliance
The Alliance highly appreciates the importance of building and maintaining an asset of knowledge and practical experience that can be used in the preparation of recommendations on the application and development of competition / antitrust laws
Members of the Alliance
The Alliance invites former senior officials of the Antimonopoly Authorities, recognized scientific experts, regardless of their country of residence, as Honorary Members with appropriate access privileges
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