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A Memorandum of Cooperation between ICAP and the Eurasian Alliance of Antimonopoly Experts was concluded

The 54th meeting of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy was held in the city of St. Petersburg (Russia). During the meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between ICAP and the Eurasian Alliance of Antimonopoly Experts.

Based on the Memorandum, the parties will interact in the following main areas:

• Development of proposals for improving the antimonopoly legislation of the CIS member states;

• Development of proposals for the development of competition in commodity markets, including the socially significant markets of the CIS member states;

• Provision of methodological support for research conducted within the framework of the ICAP;

• Implementation of joint projects in the areas of activity of ICAP;

• Other mutually agreed forms of cooperation.

The Interstate Council for Antimonopoly Policy was established on December 23, 1993 by 12 CIS states that are parties to the Agreement on Conducting a Coordinated Antimonopoly Policy.
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